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Planned Giving Programs: Just Do It!

Planned Giving Programs: Just Do It!

When I’m working with nonprofit organizations so many times I hear, “we don’t have a planned giving program” OR “I don’t know how to start a planned giving program.” The very brilliant Carol Weisman recently shared a simple and effective way you can move past those (perceived) barriers and just do it! Here’s Carol story that she has kindly agreed to allow me to share you with: I went to Newport Beach, CA to teach Girl Scout professional staff how to be more effective fundraisers. As usual, I learned more than I taught when I heard Dianne Belk speak about planned giving. She and her husband founded the Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder Legacy Fund Challenge. Dianne gave a simple, elegant, and powerful presentation. Dianne told her story about becoming a Girl Scout. She has been involved in the movement for 64 years. She went from being a poor girl in the South, to engineering school, and on to conquer corporate America. After I did the opening keynote, Dianne shared that she and her husband had the Girl Scouts in their will. She then asked all of the people who had the Girl Scouts in their estate plans to stand. At least 15% of the audience stood. She asked them to come to the stage. She then asked anyone who planned to make a gift to come forward, and each received a pin from the Juliette Gordon Low Society indicating a planned gift. The photo op was powerful. Everyone was beaming. Dianne spoke the next day on the specifics of planned giving. She then asked anyone who had thought about... read more
Don’t Make My Fundraising Mistakes, Make New Ones

Don’t Make My Fundraising Mistakes, Make New Ones

In 1988 I was deliriously happy to have been hired to work on a U.S. Senate campaign. It was my first “real” fundraising gig and I was greener than a lily pad. But I didn’t care. I was honored to be working for and with a group of passionate men and woman who were willing to work long hours to make our state and our country a better place. We held rallies, house parties, sent out mailing after mailing, and made phone calls all to raise money and get commitments for votes supporting our candidate. (This was WELL before online giving was even possible.) I don’t remember why, but I got chosen to be the staff member who sat with our candidate to make fundraising phone calls a few mornings a week. Each afternoon I would drive around the Twin Cities to pick up checks from the “big dogs” as we affectionately called them. These were the major donors who always contributed to political campaigns. What I noticed was that our candidate did ANYTHING he could to get out of making the calls. I was young and didn’t realize how difficult it was for him. I was often frustrated and sometimes complained to others about his attitude. Does this sound like you? Complaints made about the board because they don’t do what they SHOULD be doing? Or complaints about your program staff because they don’t help you identify warm, compelling stories for you? I made the mistake of not realizing that my “candidate” was my customer too. Here’s what I wish I could go back and tell that young,... read more
Blow Past Your Fundraising Goals

Blow Past Your Fundraising Goals

The past few weeks have been super windy where ever I go: Minneapolis, Lincoln, NE, Dubuque, IA.   The windy weather is reminding about the case study examples and tools I’ll share with you on April 20th to help you blow past your fundraising goal this year. If raising MORE money this year matters to you; if making changes to your fundraising tactics is something you are willing to commit to; join me for a FREE webinar training on April 20th: Fundraising Tools to Raise $300 Million. And Counting. Reserve your spot now, I’ve got limited spots available. What will I cover? I’m NOT selling anything. I promise! I recorded a short video (less than 90 seconds) to tell you about the webinar and what I’ll cover on April 20th. You can also watch the video YouTube. Blow Past Your Fundraising Goals!If raising MORE money this year matters to you: 1. Reserve your spot now for this free webinar (space is limited.) 2. Put this on your calendar: 11 a.m. (Central) April 20th and learn what makes a nonprofit organization successful in their... read more

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