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The Latest From The Fire Starters Blog

Storytelling and Fundraising Events

Storytelling and Fundraising Events

Storytelling and fundraising events go together like peanut butter & jelly. When I saw this fun infographic from Maximillion about choosing the right fundraising event for your nonprofit organization, I knew I had to share it with you. Deciding which event comes first, of course. No matter what kind of event you have, don’t forget, you ALWAYS want to find a way to incorporate a story. The sharing of your stories will cause your participants to feel more deeply connected to your mission AND take action to support your work. I’ve even got a cool resource to help you! I have a free eBook Mission Possible: Checklists for Successful Storytelling, you can download FREE! In my eBook I’ve gathered some of my favorite storytelling tips and it includes a bunch of examples for how you can include storytelling before, during, and after your fundraising... read more
Activity Status Updates for Your Fundraising Success

Activity Status Updates for Your Fundraising Success

Whether you are a Fitbit activity tracker or managing an annual fundraising campaign it seems we all focus on our activity status updates. I’ve trained waitresses, restaurant owners, marketing and fundraising staff, and even public speakers. After training others for more than 30 years I know for a fact that a status update truly does help keep people on track and achieving or exceeding their goals. A Fundraising Success Matrix (download it here) is a tool I created to use when working for an extended time with a team that wants to increase their individual donor fundraising. This simple, powerful tool assists in managing the many details of making a number of changes quickly. Conversations and updates on the topics listed on this worksheet keep actions visible for up to 20 key areas of focus. The matrix often looks slightly different from organization to organization depending on their maturity, staffing and time commitment. The format for tracking can be a Word doc, Excel, Trello (a free online project management tool) or simply a white board. Key outcomes when using the matrix are: 1. Provides a built-in agenda for check-in meetings; 2. Helps the team remember what they promised; 3. Keeps the team focused on their goal and the steps to reaching it; 4. And always, always ensures the team members agree to the “by when” for their next action. Go ahead and download the worksheet or create your own. My recommendation though: don’t spend too much time ON creating or updating the matrix. Spend your time on the tasks that update the status on the matrix. That’s when you’ll... read more
Hurry & You Can Get Feedback on Your Year-End Appeal!

Hurry & You Can Get Feedback on Your Year-End Appeal!

I’m giving feedback on pre-submitted fundraising appeal letters TOMORROW, August 20. My goal is to have your fall appeal stand out from the crowd this year. Here are just a few things I’ll cover on tomorrow’s webinar: The three things people read BEFORE they read your letter. How many times should you make an ask in your appeal? What’s the best use of the P.S.? How to give your letter the “you” test. If you send me a draft of your year-end appeal letter for THIS YEAR by the end of the day today (August 19). . . I’ll give you feedback on it tomorrow during my Ignited Fundraising Webinar. I’ll accept up to 5 more letters by end of business today, August 19. Send your letter to me directly and I’ll let you know how to join me for the webinar. This webinar is fun, fast-paced and packed with information about what works and what doesn’t in your mail appeal. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity for... read more