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Craft your smart, tight, annual fundraising plan for GROWTH. A plan that ensures you raise ALL the money you need for 2017. Benefit of this course: You’ll also create a team of fundraising champions.
January 25 is registration deadline.
Fundraising Boot Camp starts February 2!

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Raising Money Without Asking is Only the Beginning

With the Ignite Your Fundraising Results Program you will learn exactly how to IDENTIFY, CRAFT, and then COMMUNICATE powerful stories that help you NOT ONLY REACH BUT EXCEED your fundraising goals.

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Raise MORE Money. Deepen Donor Connections. Create Board Engagement.

The Complete Storytelling System is where to find ALL of Lori’s storytelling training tools in one place. This is YOUR very own Ignited Fundraising Home Study storytelling program.
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You Can Be an Awesome Fundraiser!

How do I know? I’ve helped nonprofits raise nearly $300 million! Want to know the secret to successful fundraising? Don’t work by yourself! My Ignited Fundraising Group Coaching is the perfect place for action-oriented fundraising professionals committed to exceeding their goals.
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How to Give an Exceptional Curtain Message

How to Give an Exceptional Curtain Message

I love live theater. Supporting arts organizations is a joyful passion. Communication is also a passion of mine. Clear, bold communication is what I teach.

Whether you realize it or not, your organization gives “live performances” every day: Board meetings, annual meetings, committee meetings, volunteer gatherings, donor gatherings, attendees at special events, OR you are an arts organization with patrons.

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Do You Imagine What’s Possible?

Do You Imagine What’s Possible?

Do you allow yourself to imagine what’s possible in your fundraising?
As children we are encouraged to dream, imagine and talk about things that aren’t yet real.
As adults in the social sector we often spend more time talking about what can’t be done or what didn’t happen than what it will take to make something NEW happen. One tactic I use in my coaching is to ask:

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