After helping thousands of nonprofit organizations increase their year-end appeals from 5% to more than 60% I’ve learned what works.

If you want to raise more with your year-end appeal this is not a “pick & choose” list.

Incorporate ALL of these best practices, every year:

1. Pre-appeal impact messages drafted to send weekly to keep supporters updated before asking for another gift.

2. Identify one compelling appeal story.

Year-End Appeals

3. Story drafted in long, medium, and short versions to use on social media and in your letter.

4. Funding gap message crafted to include in your letter & social media to create a sense of urgency.

5. Giving data reviewed from last year.

6. Appeal letter segmented for first time donors, lapsed donors, major gift donors + all others.

7. Top 100 donor (or more if possible) appeal letters scheduled for personal notes.

Add a Personal Thank You To Year-End Appeals

8. Engaging thank you letter updated for year-end giving with language and/or story from appeal letter.

9. Thank you calls scheduled to be made within 24 hours of gifts received at $100+.

10. Compelling post-mailing weekly social media (email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) campaign drafted to include at least 3 messages the final week of the year.

For more information on making your year-end successful download the free eBook: Nine Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign