Whether you participate in #GivingTuesday, #GTMD2017, #GiveOutDay, or one of the many #GivingDays  throughout the year, making the giving experience fun is key. I’ve got a few favorites that have stood out over the past few years. Be sure to share yours in the comments.

5 cool ways to thank and inspire more gifts throughout #givingdays

1. Identify a handful of key donors and do a drop in thanking mob!

A Thanking Mob on Giving DayThe fun folks at College Possible chose to visit donor Lars Leafblad. They thanked him for his gift and both Lars and the organization posted the photo on social media.

The key: Lars happens to be one of the most socially connected people I know. So, of course I saw the post on his Facebook page, as did hundreds of others.

Who knows how much more giving the fun post inspired?!

2. Use fun count-down reminders!
You don’t have to be a theater to have fun with your social media posts that create a sense of urgency.

Use Fun Count Down Reminders on Giving Days

Image source: GiveMN

3. Create an #unselfie campaign
Use this on social media. This gets your community involved by having them send in or post with your #hashtag their selfie shots about why they support YOU!

4. Record a fun thank you video
Like this one from Mu Performing Arts that pops up when the online contribution transaction is complete.
Have fun on Giving Day with an Unselfie Campaign

5. Create personalized thank you videos that knock-the-socks-off a few key supporters!
Students Today Leaders Forever sent me a video just 15 minutes after the 24-hour giving day ended and it still makes me smile. . . year’s later.
Personalized Thank You Videos Make Giving Day Extra Special

Tactics used to increase giving from $10,600 to $78,000!

  • Get the entire team involved
  • Keep it fun
  • Infuse your mission into the process
  • Countdown war board
  • Clear action steps
  • Frequent updates
  • A thank you call made to all donors within 4 minutes of each online contribution
  • COMMUNICATION – listen at 4:32! You won’t believe what a donor did.

Head over to the Free Resources section to Download a Sample Timeline for New Donor Retention and make sure you keep those new donors engaged all year!