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It Only Takes One Story to Change Everything

The most common complaints I hear about sharing a story to increase fundraising revenue:
“I don’t know any stories” or “We don’t have any good stories.”

I disagree.

In 1999 I was the President/CEO of Prevent Blindness America, Greater Phoenix Division. New to the city, with a new job – I could have used those same complaints.

What Do You Really Want Me to Feel?

I’ve got a couple of short audio clips to share with you today to illustrate the difference between sharing facts and sharing words that cause listeners and readers to feel something. Anything.

WHAT you cause others to feel isn’t the point. It’s that you don’t recite a list of facts when you share a story. As I’ve said before, a list of facts is really a report.

Peace. Please.

In the past week I’ve watched more pain, anger, and tragedy unfold across our country than I care to ever see again.

My heart aches. I’m sad and frustrated and not in the mood to talk about retaining donors or fundraising events today.

I believe to create a peaceful existence we have to show up differently. But make no mistake in thinking I’m talking to someone else. It is up to every single woman, man, and child to take different actions to start the healing process.

Out of Office: Where in the World is Lori?

Last week I mentioned that I had a busy travel month, and though you may not notice it, I am half-way around the world at the moment. Before our travels, my spouse, Mark, set up a fun, quite detailed, out of office auto-reply. [Frankly, I think he has too much time on his hands!] But, since copying is the best form of flattery, I’m copying his work!

Two Excellent Examples of Keeping Nonprofit Donors Engaged

This invite to a Women’s Build Day for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity popped into my inbox a few weeks ago. I was disappointed my busy June travel schedule made it impossible for me to participate.  The event was “sold out” within a few days.  While there was no cost to attend the space was limited, which made it all the more appealing.

Four Nonprofit Studies to Ramp Up the Rest of Your 2016 Fundraising

We just celebrated Memorial Day here in the US, which means we had a nice, long weekend. With people taking time off to make the most of a long weekend to just taking awhile to get back in work mode, these shortened holiday work weeks can do a number on productivity So if you’re looking for away to ease your way back in and ramp up your knowledge have I got the link for you. Nonprofit Tech for Good rounded up 28 Must-Read Fundraising and Social Media Reports for Nonprofits, and there’s something for everyone in that list no matter where your nonprofit is located.

Will 2016 Political Fundraising Hurt Your Nonprofit Fundraising?

It’s likely this will be the most expensive presidential election in history. So it’s no surprise if you’re wondering, will political fundraising hurt my nonprofit fundraising this year? The important thing: Don’t use the fall elections as an excuse for not meeting your annual fundraising goals.

The smart folks at Blackbaud released a report earlier this year based on the last presidential election that helps unpack Giving in an Election Year: How Political Giving Impacts Nonprofit Support. A few key findings from the report might surprise you.

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