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How to Give an Exceptional Curtain Message

I love live theater. Supporting arts organizations is a joyful passion. Communication is also a passion of mine. Clear, bold communication is what I teach.

Whether you realize it or not, your organization gives “live performances” every day: Board meetings, annual meetings, committee meetings, volunteer gatherings, donor gatherings, attendees at special events, OR you are an arts organization with patrons.

Do You Imagine What’s Possible?

Do you allow yourself to imagine what’s possible in your fundraising?
As children we are encouraged to dream, imagine and talk about things that aren’t yet real.
As adults in the social sector we often spend more time talking about what can’t be done or what didn’t happen than what it will take to make something NEW happen. One tactic I use in my coaching is to ask:

One Thing That Scares You – Making Phone Calls

What if today your one thing is to pick up the phone and call a supporter to thank them and wish them a Happy New Year? I hear the loud thunder of answers you are shouting at me as you read this:
NO! You can’t call people during the busy holiday season!
NO! I hate the phone.
NO! I hate getting unsolicited phone calls.
OR some other excuse to not make someone’s day.

Three Things to Review Now if You Want to Raise More in 2017

Taking time to review your donor data can feel like a luxury, especially if you are a small fundraising team.

Donor data review should not be a luxury.

Just as you define a good event by tickets sold or dollars raised, and you define your programs by better outcomes, taking stock of fundraising for the whole year alongside previous years is necessary. That is, it’s necessary if you want to increase your fundraising dollars.

A Heartwarming and Surprising Thank You!

As long-time readers of this blog know, I went through a cancer adventure nearly six years ago. I don’t think about it too much these days, because my bloodwork says I’m free of both breast cancer and melanoma. Yay!

On a recent visit to AFP Northeast Indiana in Ft. Wayne I had a chance to think about and talk about how fortunate I am in my cancer journey.

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday – This Fits ALL Categories!

I’ve been on the road for most of October and November meeting thousands, literally, thousands of dedicated fundraisers like you. While I was traveling I realized I wanted to thank everyone I met and talked with. All of you who shared your stories, received some coaching and also those who asked questions about storytelling. You already KNOW that sharing stories will increase donor retention, right? I want to help YOU get a jump on your 2017 Fundraising. So, for a this week of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, my Complete Storytelling System is half price!  I’ve taken all the tools I teach at my live training sessions AND MORE and put them in one place. It is YOUR very own Ignited Fundraising Home Study storytelling program. Check out my Thanksgiving week message for...

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