Independence DayTomorrow, across the United States, from tiny communities to the largest of cities, we celebrate the signing and adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

As a political science major in college I’ve always been interested in the stories of our founding. Stories, handed down from generation to generation, can teach and generate thoughtful, sometimes heated, discussions.

Voting has its own long, difficult history.

While I’m proud to be American — I’m embarrassed and angered by the decades of discrimination that plague the right to vote. It’s why I’m passionate about reminding everyone to exercise this freedom.

It’s not even 2020 and I’m reminding you to vote? What!?

I’m asking you to take the time to prepare yourself to vote in November 2020. Attend town hall meetings with candidates. Ask questions.

Create your own story about who you vote for and why you support them. Don’t leave it to the last minute. And please, don’t leave it to others to educate you. Take the time to read, talk, and get your questions answered.

Here’s your countdown clock to remind you how much time you have to educate and prepare:

Why vote? Take a read. A lot more is at stake than just who becomes president.

Frankly, having a functional, representative democracy only works if we participate.

Wishing you and yours a safe, happy Independence Day.