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  • Engaging Your Board, Expanding Your Reach

    Maybe, just maybe YOU and your board members need more clear direction and guidance about how to work together. In this webinar, Lori showed you how to engage your board and expand your reach.

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  • Powerfully Training Others to Share Stories

    Lori shared the steps she uses to train others to be good speakers. You’ll learn how to ask the right questions to help your board, speakers bureau, staff or client testimonial speaker craft a powerful message of your work.

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  • Data is Your Most Valuable Asset

    In this webinar, Mike LoPresti, Co-founder of TouchPoints, guides you through everything your organization needs to know to unlock the unrealized value in your donor records.

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  • Crowdfunding 101

    You’ve probably heard the buzz around “crowdfunding.” But what is it, and how does it work? In our February member’s webinar we learned how you can incorporate crowdfunding to raise the bar on your fundraising initiatives.

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  • How Nonprofit Fundraising Performed in 2015 Download File
  • Fund-a-Need Secrets to Thousands of Dollars

    Fund a Needs are called by dozens of names – Appeals, Gift from the Heart, Raise the Paddle – but the gist is all the same. It’s about inspiring guests to make a donation to your cause. Imagine dozens of new donors enthusiastically giving to your mission and raising thousands of dollars in just a few minutes!

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  • Your Brand is More Than Just Your Logo

    Yes, a memorable logo is important, but your brand is so much more than just your logo! Your brand is the emotion behind what someone feels, sees, and says when they interact with your organization on any level. It is the promise you make to your donors, constituents, and staff members, and the reason that people trust and believe you.

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  • What High Net Worth Donors Really Want

    Do your wealthiest donors intimidate you? As a result, have you shied away from talking to your wealthiest donors or prospects? Our guest speaker Darla Kashian shared her professional expertise in working with high net worth clients and donors, with a focus on building confidence in talking with your most promising donors and prospects.

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  • Fall Appeal Coaching with Lori

    When your donors are receiving fundraising appeals from lots of organizations during this fall’s appeal season, how will you make YOUR letter stand out from the crowd? In this webinar, Lori shared tips and best practices to draft your best appeal to date. Lori also provided “live” feedback and coaching for pre-submitted annual appeal letters.

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  • Is There a Magic Mix of Fundraising Approaches?

    You face myriad choices in designing your fundraising program: mail, email, online, event, and so on. Is there a “magic mix” of fundraising approaches that works? What methods of asking rise steadily and which fluctuate over time? Melissa Brown, manager of the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, explored findings from five years of repeated studies about what works in fundraising. She presented key findings and link them to the kinds of decisions you face every day: Should we hire a writer or a major gift officer? When do we decide to do an event vs. another appeal?

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  • Definitive Guide to Social Marketing Download File
  • Building Sustainability For Your Nonprofit

    This month we were fortunate to have as our guest presenter a superstar in the nonprofit community. Kate Barr, executive director of Nonprofits Assistance Fund, has a gift for making challenging financial information easy to understand. She explained what sustainability is and how to take a look at your own sustainability using the lens of the Mission-Money Matrix.

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  • The 2015 Nonprofit Benchmarks Report Download File
  • The Philanthropy Outlook 2015 & 2016 Download File
  • Sample Annual Fundraising Plan Download File