Mission Moment Monday’s are created for you. It’s your chance to hear and experience the coaching of mission moment stories from all corners of the social sector.
Sharing a mission moment is easier when you focus on a person
Gwen McCausland, Director of the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum, is today’s guest storyteller. We worked on a sweet story about a volunteer that brings the essence of the agricultural heritage museum to life.

Have you ever thought your work is difficult to describe? Or maybe the outcome of your programs isn’t easily apparent to supporters. Sharing a mission moment from different view points can help you explain your work to supporters and potential supporters.

Here’s my quick thought about what actually happens when children (and adults) participate with the interactive exhibit at the Ag Heritage Museum.

Sharing a mission moment allows you to be bold about the value of your work through someone else’s experience. In the retelling of the farming exhibit story Melvin is front and center as the hero of the story.

The moral to today’s Mission Moment:
Use the power of storytelling to inspire, explain, and engage – but make sure your main character is a person and your organization is the secondary character.

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