Excellent storytelling IS both an art and a science. Each Mission Moment Monday my goal: Create “ah ha” moments so you see HOW to communicate even more powerfully.
The art and science of excellent storytelling
I want to ensure you truly understand HOW to craft and share a powerful, action-causing, mission moment.

Thank you to Judy Romanowich Smith, the Development and Stewardship Assistant from Ascension Catholic Academy for joining me as the guest for today’s Mission Moment Monday.

Judy has a story about Brittany that is just fine, BUT may need some warming up to inspire and cause supporters to take action. Take a listen to the length and what inspires YOU:

In order to get at the essence of your work and what you want current and future supporters to feel, the questions you ask yourself in preparing the story are the key.

Here are the questions I asked Judy to help her focus on words or phrases that are action-causing:

In my retell of Brittany’s story I described some of the feelings and facts Judy wanted to be sure to include:

Judy and I talked briefly about what was different about her Brittany story and mine.

My advice to you: when you are crafting a story in writing or to share verbally ALWAYS get feedback from others. Find out what inspires them about the word choices you made, then retell the story incorporating some of their advice. It’s practice that makes for excellent storytelling and turns you into a Master Storyteller!

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