When it comes to how nonprofit board members do their work, I’m passionate, and some might say, a bit outspoken.

Recently, I sat down with Steve Boland from Next In Nonprofits to discuss best practices on nonprofit staff and board members working together. Our conversation can be found in this podcast where we dispel a few myths about what nonprofit board members should or shouldn’t do – especially regarding fundraising.

It will be well worth your time to listen to our conversation WITH your board members.

Then add some time into your meeting agenda to debrief together. I guarantee you’ll have a meaningful conversation.

Nonprofit Board SoapboxSit back and take a listen as I share my thoughts on some of my favorite nonprofit board “soapbox” topics including:

  • Plan, plan, plan, execute, and plan.
  • The hidden cost of events and how they can be time-eating machines.
  • Scavenger hunt of gratitude.

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Once you’ve finished listening to the podcast download the free eBook I reference:
Mission Possible: Your Workbook for a Successful Board