I, like many of you, find myself having important conversations about my deeply embedded blindness of racism. When I saw the AFP Global project “Our Right to Heal,” with stories from Black women fundraisers, I was disturbed by what I had never noticed. Thank you to Nneka Allen, CFRE for her leadership in raising these voices. And thank you to each of these women for their courage in sharing their personal and professional stories.

I share their stories to help me, and all of us, listen, educate ourselves, and stand in solidarity with these and all Black women fundraisers.

It is time to understand. And then take action to make things right.

As Nneka says, “Our stories are shared both for the reader to learn and empathize, but this is also medicine for the women who write. The agony of being made invisible, the assumption that our lived experiences and stories are not worth telling and the ultimate exclusion of our contributions must be acknowledged. These Bright Papers serve as an illumination and a therapy.”

Two Bright Papers to get you started:

Healing by Anonymous. Stark and poetic.

Stories from Black Women - Marva Wisdom

Mining the Treasure and Talent of our Rich Diversity by Marva Wisdom.

She writes powerfully about the heavy burden of exclusion, racism, and inequality.