It’s time to get real. Do you know the exact right thing to say to inspire your next 5, 6, or even 7 figure contribution?

Are you doing enough to raise money this year?

You’re busy. I get it. You juggle tons of tasks & meetings and so much of fundraising is invisible to others. fundraising results program

As someone in a leadership role I know you have a passion for your work. You ARE changing the world: one child, student, family, veteran, frail elder, research project, clean river, adopted pet, or new law passed, at a time.

You’re smart, you work hard, you have a good heart —

But let’s face it, most of your donors aren’t giving more and many don’t stay giving after their first contribution.

What can you do to change that? What can you do to be a better leader and bring in the money you need to do your work? Well, you can stop trying to do everything alone.

Effective leaders have a coach or mentor.

The best leaders don’t go it alone, they have help. That’s why each year I spend part of my summer working with a VIP group of executive directors, development directors, and even fundraising committee chairs. I help you build your communication muscles as your fundraising “personal trainer.” In my Ignite Your Fundraising Results Program I work alongside you (and up to 5 other fundraising teams) for seven weeks.

During this time I’ll help you secure at least one 5 figure gift, AND…

  • Gain confidence for ANY fundraising ask
  • Teach you how to comfortably know what to say to raise MORE 5, 6, and 7 figure contributions
  • Connect you with other nonprofit fundraising leaders from around the country

Ignite Your Fundraising Results Program is offered just once a year.
June 5 is our start date.

You ready?

I am! Together, let’s spend the summer meeting (or exceeding!) your fundraising goals.