In my work coaching clients to share stories, from impact speakers for a special event to the executive director whose job it is to inspire contributions, I am privileged to hear some very personal stories.

Some of these stories can be long with lots of twists and turns. My passion is to help shorten these very personal, inspiring stories to their emotional essence. I know for certain: when you share more stories — you raise more money.

Sharing the emotional essence of a story takes practice. It also takes a willingness to let go of unnecessary details.

Well told stories paint an emotionally connecting picture. Their purpose: allow listeners to see their own life through the small but meaningful moments in a story. The empathy felt must be powerful enough for listeners to want  to take action — by giving.

Share stories. Raise more money.

Our job as fundraising professionals is to effortlessly extend invitations to invest in amazing programs or services. To make that happen share examples that cause listeners to want to learn more. The best stories are not too long, very real, and sometimes even provocative.

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