Video Chat with RoundUp App CEO, Grant Hensel

Rarely do I use this blog to highlight services from others. It takes something that excites me and will truly make a difference. And so, I decided I couldn’t resist sharing how I’ve been using my small change to make bigger changes.

I met the very kind and smart Grant Hensel earlier this year. We found we both have a passion for making a difference and helping nonprofits raise more money and visibility.  After spending some time with Grant and his team I chose to use RoundUp App to make contributions with my change.

How it works: With my chosen debit or credit card the nonprofit of my choice receives the change up to the next dollar on every transaction.

Average contributions are about $25 to $30 a month. Imagine adding 25 donors who will make predictable contributions of at least $25 a month…what would that do to your fundraising goals?

What I Like: RoundUp App allows me to effortlessly make an ongoing difference every month.

Here’s why I love using the app!

Using a tool like Roundup App is an excellent way to offer your donors a way to increase their regular contributions. Take a look at this customized giving page and this one to see how you can personalize your own landing page.

I know that Grant and his team will be happy to visit with you about whether or not this is a good fit for you to share with your donors.

Or go ahead and set your page up to start collecting change that adds up!