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With 30 years of experience, Lori has developed presentations ranging from full and half-day workshops, conference keynotes to 60 or 90 minute webinars. While igniting both passion and action in her audiences, Lori’s insightful and compassionate leadership has helped organizations make the leap from the impossible to the certain!

KEYNOTESLori is available to present at your next conference, event, or meeting. Experience new paradigms of thinking about money and create an environment where people can discover how to fundraise with ease and genuine joy when you invite Lori to bring her passion for the positive to your conferences, events, and meetings.

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Talking About the Soul of Money

How does your relationship with money relate to, inform, serve, or compromise your mission? Examining your attitudes toward money -- earning it, spending it, and giving it away -- can offer surprising insight into your lives, your values, and the essence of prosperity. This inspiring, paradigm-shifting presentation integrates effective mission-based fundraising into the core of social profit organizations.

Sharing Your Mission Powerfully

In a fast-paced world, you have less than five seconds to make a lasting impression. The word choices you make to talk about your organization can make a lasting impression, or not. Inspiring others by describing your impact clearly and powerfully is one of the most powerful ways to build a pool of long-term supporters. During this interactive hour, Lori L. Jacobwith, Fundraising Culture Change Expert & Master Storyteller, will share 3 tools to distill your people and money stories down to their most emotionally engaging essence. You’ll have the opportunity to see for yourself how quickly these easy-to-implement tools WILL cause people to give more financial support to your organization.

Words Create Experiences

Paying attention to the words we choose affects success at work and in our personal life. Paying attention to our communication CAN be the path to success. In this very personal and interactive keynote session Lori will bring awareness to your language choices so audiences can identify ways to make small shifts in language that can cause new outcomes.

BreakOutSessionsLori’s breakout sessions are dynamic and fast-paced, stuffed to the gills with examples, ideas, and positive-thinking sure to energize everyone! With topics that cover everything from nonprofit storytelling to engaging your board, you’re sure to find a session that will help you raise more money than ever before!

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Sharing Your Mission Powerfully & Retaining Donors

Will people give you money without asking? YES. When you share real life examples about your impact you can cause people to give you more of their money and time. What your staff and board say to introduce your organization is one of THE MOST critical tools in fundraising and building a pool of long-term supporters. Master Storyteller and Fundraising Culture Change Expert Lori L. Jacobwith knows that when you share your people stories people listen. When you share them well and don’t rely on “lazy” storytelling techniques you WILL raise more money. In this high-energy, highly-interactive session Lori will teach you three proven powerful communication tools used by thousands to raise more than $300 million from individual donors. The tools you’ll learn will help you distill your people stories down to their most emotionally engaging essence. Join Lori to learn how to cause your community to engage at a deeper level, fall in love with your organization all over again and keep supporting your work for years to come.

Nine Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Culled from years of fundraising experience and the lessons learned from training thousands of organizations, the lessons in Lori L. Jacobwith's eBook Nine Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign can help any nonprofit raise more money from individual donors. This “Nine Steps” session will shift your focus from fundraising as an overwhelming or backburner project to an inspiring activity that gets your entire organization fully engaged—AND raising more money!

Finding Powerful Stories to Ignite Your Donors

The most powerful way to connect people to your mission is by telling a story that causes the listener to feel something about your organization's work. Believe it or not, you're already surrounded with these kinds of stories. You just have to know where to look for them. In this session you'll learn how to engage your team in finding great stories you can use to connect with your supporters & help you raise more money. Find out what questions to ask, who to ask, and where to ask to gather nuggets of information you can craft into a powerful, engaging story.

How to Make Your Donors Feel Like Superheroes

Knowing how to acknowledge your supporters can have a huge impact on your annual fundraising and long-term financial sustainability. When your supporters feel seen and appreciated they give more and for more years. Really! Sending a thank you letter is only the beginning. Acknowledging your supporters can be so much MORE. Learn about 30 terrific tactics that have helped organizations increase individual contributions 20% to 100% from some donors. This session will get you thinking outside the box to add fun and create deeper connections that keep your supporters feeling the “love” all year-long. With these reminders and fresh ideas you can build a more creative and meaningful donor acknowledgement program.

Expanding Your Reach: Engaging Your Board

Does your board help with your fundraising? Should they? Maybe. Maybe not. Your board is among your most powerful assets. Often board members don’t want to be involved in fundraising or they view it as someone else’s job. The result is that many board members do nothing or very little when it comes to fundraising and staff doesn’t ask for the kind of help that will make a difference. The outcome: You don’t reach your fundraising goals and sometimes staff becomes resentful that the board isn’t doing more to help. Fundraising Culture Change Expert Lori L. Jacobwith knows that you and your board members require clear direction and guidance about how to engage your board. This is a session about effortlessly creating an environment where your board supports your fundraising efforts so it actually feels rewarding and an integral part of their board involvement. Join Lori to learn how your board can help increase your fundraising revenue by nearly 40% and NOT have to ask anyone for a contribution.

Art of Asking

Asking for gifts can be the one task staff and board members don't do enough. It can cause sweaty palms and anxiety. Fear and time management can be barriers to asking as often as you should. What if there was a way to shift the fear into action? This highly interactive session addresses fears and provides practical, hands-on information that can be put to use immediately. With a combination of lecture, group conversation, and actual paired asking practice for both yes and no responses, you'll there is actually a way to ENJOY asking for money!

How to be an Awesome Nonprofit Board Member

Most board members show up wanting to make a difference, but sometimes that changes. Why? It may be lack of knowledge, a boring or uninformative orientation, or a board culture that doesn’t invite new ideas and questions. Board meetings and what they focus on play an important role in being an awesome board member. The board meeting is a partnership between what the organization's staff has provided in their dashboards or reports and what the board believes is their “job.” By answering provocative questions and using the provided templates and tools, you'll learn how to support the newest or even the most savvy board members and make them feel better equipped to serve on your board.

Fundraising. Not my Job!

Asking for money is something most people simply don’t want to do. So between board & staff whose job is it to do the tasks that lead to getting more gifts from individuals? This session is designed to dispel some myths about the differences between fundraising and development. This is a high-energy, interactive session that will help you and your team identify ways to provide your board members, donors & staff with clear direction and guidance, even training, about how to participate in helping raise awareness & dollars so it feels rewarding and an integral part of their role. You’ll leave this session with concrete tools and techniques that will result in raising more money from individuals.

Detonating Your Data for Explosive Results

Information about your top donors & volunteers is as valuable as cash in the bank. However, much of that information is in people's heads and doesn't become part of the institutional memory of your organization. Many organizations aren't fully leveraging their fundraising data tracking system to support their individual donor fundraising, and they don't even realize it! In this session you'll take a closer look at how well you're using donor data to raise more funds each year; examine real-life case studies; and learn where to focus staff and board member time in your annual plans based on the information you've collected about your donors. This session is not based on any specific data tracking system. The tips and strategy covered are applicable to most donor tracking systems.

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