Magical Storytelling ToolsWhat if I told you there are magical storytelling tools that will unleash new energy & commitment from your board members?

What and how?

When you provide regular opportunities for your board members to share personal thoughts and stories about what they love about your organization – you’ll ignite a spark of passion that they’ll want to share with others.

At the annual Association of Fundraising Professionals International Conference (AFPICON) my friend & colleague Gail Perry and I delivered a fun, high-energy session where we shared:

Five Magical Storytelling Tools.

1. Invite your board to share: “Why do I care?”

2. In small groups ask them to share: “Why should someone contribute to our organization?”

3. Invite them to craft a 6-word story following an event where they heard a testimonial from a client. Example: Josh doesn’t feel safe at school. OR Rachel. Maestro in the making.

4. Gather the board to listen your CEO and key staff leadership answer questions like: “What else do our programs really need?” “What would that cost?” OR “What would we do if we had an additional $500,000?”

5. Invite your board members to fill in the blank: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…?” You’ll be delighted by the powerful conversations this phrase causes.

For a deeper dive into these powerful storytelling tools:

Download slides and storytelling tracking form here.

Quick Video Recap on Instagram – Be sure to swipe right to see all three videos!

Podcast: How do we stop board members from running away when they hear “fundraising?”

Gail’s blog preview of our session.

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