Today’s post has not one thing to do with fundraising. It’s about serving others.

Each year as I’ve gotten older and Mother’s Day approaches I’ve noticed most people I come into contact with assume I have children.

They are nice enough people. But they seem to lump all women into a category of child-bearers on and around Mother’s Day.

Let me paraphrase from a beautiful NPR story by Michel Martin:
Today I say thank you to those who are not raising their own children but are often helping to raise everyone else’s.

We are not childless or childfree. We are aunties, friends, sisters, and caregivers.

Many of us are special agent moms — you could call us mothers without a portfolio — but mothers at heart.

So if you have someone in your life who has:

  • Cared for you simply because of the joy they feel by doing it
  • Loved deeply and unconditionally
  • Worked to make your world and their community a better place (That’s YOU, Jodi!)
  • Made you, your spouse, or your children laugh and feel special
  • Helped build something unique and helpful (a company or a garden!)

Thank them for their gifts of love, kindness, and support.

From me to you: Wishing you and yours a relaxing Sunday!