Webinar Replay:
3 Secrets to Raising Major Gifts You Can’t Survive Without

Thank you to Amy Eisenstein, major gift guru, for sharing her expertise with us!

Webinar replay to review and share with your team. Be sure to listen to the Q & A session that starts at 28 minutes.


Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by the idea of raising major gifts? If so, join Amy Eisenstein as she simplifies three important concepts of raising major gifts and shares 3 secrets which will ensure you raise major gifts this year!

Want a sneak peek at the secrets?
1. Your best prospects are hiding in plain sight
2. If you get a meeting, you’ll get a gift
3. You’re using the wrong metrics

In this webinar, Amy explains the three secrets, provides answers, and shares her sought after metrics worksheet to guarantee the best outcomes for your major gift efforts.

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