Imagine What’s Possible Fundraising Workshop

Is your organization seeing an increase in dollars contributed from individuals this year? Is your board fully engaged in helping raise funds from individuals? If you answered NO, Lori’s signature workshop is for you! This fast-paced session is jam-packed with tools designed to catapult your individual donor fundraising to a whole new level of success. With common sense reminders and effective strategies that are easy to implement even the most overwhelmed team member will leave energized. Learn how to increase fundraising dollars by identifying opportunities to increase or clarify your donor communication, build board engagement, and stay powerfully connected to your supporters.

StorytellingWorkshopsTHE most powerful tool to cause your work to stand out and get your supporters to take action is a well-crafted, memorable story. When you share the WHY and put a face on your work people are inspired to take action. These workshops are designed to help you learn how to find, craft, and tell stories that create engaging emotional connections so people give you more of their time and money.

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FUndraisingWorkSHOPAsking for money is something most people simply don’t want to do. These high-energy workshops will ignite & inspire your board and staff about fundraising and the role it plays in your organization. It is possible to fundraise with ease & joy, and these workshops will show you how!

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BoardMemberWorkshopsThe Board of your nonprofit organization can be one of your most powerful assets. However, engaging the board isn’t always the most intuitive thing for nonprofits. These workshops address this challenge. In these sessions that cover everything from engaging your board in fundraising to turning them into story-sharing ambassadors for your organization, you will learn concrete tools & techniques that will make the board relationship a rewarding experience for everyone!

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