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Your Ignite Your Fundraising Home Study Program

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Master Storyteller, Lori Jacobwith, makes using storytelling to raise more money…simple!

Lori has been teaching storytellling tactics for more than 15 years.  Using these same tools, organizations like yours have raised $300 million from individual donors. And counting!

The Complete Storytelling System is where to find ALL of Lori’s storytelling training tools in one place. This is YOUR very own Ignited Fundraising Home Study storytelling program.

With nine short video modules and nearly 100 worksheets & templates you have all the tools needed to find, craft and tell stories that create engaging, emotional connections.

This system, used by more than 1500 organizations, is proven to help you raise more money.

Lori’s Secret Sauce
Included is a full module to learn Advanced Storytelling.

Module 6 teaches you how to effectively deliver your people AND MONEY story; something no other system or trainer does.

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  • The Ignite Your Fundraising Results Guidebook with 9 modules and nearly 100 pages of worksheets and templates to guide you and your team to craft and share powerful stories.
  • A fully-loaded jump drive with 9 short video trainings where Lori helps you navigate each module in the guidebook.
  • “Lori-Learnings”: Including Lori’s powerful 6-step storytelling crafting process, before and after storytelling examples, a checklist for combining your people & money stories to raise more money, and much more.
  • Online access to downloadable worksheets and templates to print out and use over and over again.
  • Online access to view the video training modules when you don’t have that jump drive handy.
  • A checklist to help you train others to craft brilliant stories.
  • Road-tested storytelling exercises with worksheets and easy-to-follow instructions that will ignite your board meetings, retreats, staff and volunteer training sessions.
  • A complete framework to help you find, craft, and share stories that will inspire people to take bigger actions than ever before.

 Just $450


A $2500 Value! 

I created my Complete Storytelling System for YOU.

Using tools and resources from my live training sessions, this system will help you and your team  create your own system to easily find, craft, and share powerful stories.

My mission is to help you raise more money from individuals.

My vision is that you get to do that with ease, joy and even fun.

This system takes the mystery out of creating a storytelling culture proven to help organizations like yours raise more money!

“Lori has developed a storytelling home study program that, like her workshops and webinars, break down abstract concepts into clear, simple modules that anyone can use.”

Sarah Durham

President and Founder, Big Duck

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