The new year always reminds me of when I was a young girl of three or four years old. At that age I was enchanted by big white spaces. I thought they were JUST for me to put my mark on.

And so, you can imagine my Mom’s annoyance when she found me sitting on the couch quietly creating my own “pencil art” on the white parchment pages of her wedding album.

I had intently scribbled on each of the parchment pages and remember thinking I had made her wedding photo album even more beautiful. Fortunately, my Mom realized that this was indeed my self-expression and kept those pages intact.

Graphic from

Graphic from

So what is YOUR version of a clean white page? How will you set yourself and your nonprofit organization up for an exciting, prosperous year?

I’ve spent the past couple of days thinking through my plan for 2013 and I’ve begun taking actions that will allow more creative time while off-loading some of the administrative work that can really eat up my time.

I’m excited about the fresh clean calendar I’ve mounted on the wall in my office. I look forward to putting my scribbles and notes on it, and truly creating a year that has balance AND provides great coaching and support for all of you.

Together let’s create an amazing 2013!


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