At first this may sound like just a silly or simple game. The reality is this is a powerful way to utilize your board members to create a meaningful donor connection and assist you with donor stewardship.

This is a stewardship tool you can use often, at any event throughout the year. It’s simple, fun, and you may want to measure the activity for each board member on your board dashboard or engagement display. More about this next week!

Board Member Scavenger Hunt 

1. Identify which of your board members will be attending your next event. i.e. gala, graduation ceremony, walk-a-thon, live theater performance, golf event, etc.

2. Identify the top 15-20 donors that will also be in attendance.

3. Assign 2 -3 current donors (a couple counts as one) to each board member attending the event.

4. Make sure to share a little background about each donor: ie. How long they’ve been giving; any program areas of interest; why they are involved with your organization; and so on.

5. Have your board chair or fund development committee chair invite the board members to connect with their “assigned” donors at the event. Here’s what the connection looks like:

  • Thank them for their ongoing or recent contributions.
  • Ask them why they are involved with your organization, if you don’t already know.
  • Be sure to mention being a board member.

6. Watch the connections happen!

7. Provide board members with a short feedback tool to share with development staff what they learned about each donor. This could be an email, Google doc, or a special board portal on your website.

8. Remember to note the connection and the date in your database!

I guarantee when done regularly and done well (meaning the board member is asking questions, truly listening and learning more about each donor) your donors will feel “seen” and also feel as if their gifts really do matter.

Want more tips for engaging your board? Download Mission Possible: Your Workbook for a Successful Board that includes some of my favorite worksheets and templates to help you create an amazing board experience AND cause board engagement all year-long.