You’ve heard the advice, “Do one thing every day that scares you.”


What if today your one thing is to pick up the phone to call a donor – simply thanking them for their support?

I can now hear the loud thunder of answers you are shouting at me as you read this:

NO! You can’t call people during the busy holiday season!

NO! I hate the phone.

NO! I hate getting unsolicited phone calls.

OR some other excuse to not make someone’s day.

Sorry gang, phone calls make a difference. Here’s why:
No More Excuses – You Need to Call Every Donor from Nonprofit Hub

The Incredible Power of the Phone from Sumac

Alright already, you say?

You’ll make a call or two in between doing last minute shopping online or checking your likes or follows on social media.

Once you move past the fear and your own personal barriers about making phone calls, then what?


  • Choose the supporters who have not yet given this year but have been regular donors in the past.
  • Choose people who made a financial contribution earlier this year.
  • Call your long-time, regular supporters.


You will most likely be leaving a voice mail message, so keep it brief.

Let your supporter know their gift (of time or money or both) mattered to a child, veteran, musician, scientist, someone in a wheelchair, or ?? Tell them just a little bit about that person (first name, age, and an inspiring quick sentence) and say THANK YOU on their behalf.

Wish them a terrific day because they’ve made someone else’s day terrific!

That’s it.


I dare you to do this and not receive some unexpected contributions.

If you REALLY want to do something that scares you, invite a contribution on your calls. Of any size.

Here is an excellent read from Julie Weston, Director of the Global Fundraising Hub at Save the Children. This is an internal email sent on December 15 that went viral inside their organization. Once you read Julie’s holiday wish, you’ll see why. She’s got this…and so have you!

Read Julie’s Holiday (Fundraising) Wish for inspiration.

To read the background about Julie’s wish check out the full post at on the topic of Open Source Fundraising.