Premium Training

Ignite & inspire everyone in your organization by bringing in Lori to work with you. Whether you need to bring ease and joy to your fundraising efforts or need some help planning your message and finding your stories, Lori can help. She’s helped hundreds of organizations raise more money than they even thought possible, and you can be next! Learn more > >

Value Training

When you’re big on ambition, but small on budget, look here to find affordable, effective resources you can use to start raising more money than you ever imagined. Whether you’re looking for an intense Fundraising Boot Camp experience, an ongoing community of Ignited Fundraisers, or a dynamic, fast-paced session to pump you up, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. Learn more > >

Free Training

For small start-up nonprofits and those with no budget for training, you can benefit from Lori’s help. Take a peek at all the free resources available to you. From getting started with storytelling to finding templates to help you work with your board you can ignite your fundraising right now. Learn more > >

A good coach helps you show up in the best way, in the best frame of mind, and success flows from there.
Lori L. Jacobwith

Chief Fundraising Culture Changer & Master Storyteller

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